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Business Discipline

Tapping into the opportunities provided by Hong Kong as a world class smart city, Business Discipline aims to nurture talents with multifaceted skills, creativity and inventive mindsets in response to the manpower needs of various business sectors.


The Discipline offers a wide spectrum of programmes with module syllabi consisting of state of the art concepts in technology applications, and integrated with Artificial Intelligence (A), Blockchain (B), Cloud Computing (C) and Data Analytics (D) under business operations which allows students to acquire the latest digitalized skills. Furthermore, a practical and student-centered curriculum such as Project-based Learning, Workplace Learning & Assessment, Live Commerce, Design Thinking and HKVTC Shop are adopted in order to develop students' 21st century competencies for their further study and career development. The Discipline also works closely with industry partners to provide students valuable learning opportunities through seminars, webinars, study visits and overseas exchange programmes, etc.


Project-based Learning (PBL)

Project-based Learning is a student-centered learning approach, which aims to create a distinctive learning experience for students and to develop students' 21st century competencies including communication, problem solving, design thinking and collaboration. Students will acquire project learning skills in a step-by-step manner throughout their study.

By embracing PBL in the curriculum, all programmes of the Business Discipline provides students an interactive and fun learning experience in which students involve in the entire process of project work from developing an effective driving question to presenting a finished product to an authentic audience. PBL is also a great way to give students a meaningful learning opportunity by integrating knowledge and skills and engaging in cumulative activities to investigate and solve real-life problem.


Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA)

Workplace Learning and Assessment is a structured pedagogical practice whereby students come to learn and being assessed in workplace. WLA aims at integrating learning and practice to gauge the practical skills of students and their ability to utilize professional knowledge.

Business Discipline operates WLA under the module “Work-integrated Learning” by going through workplace training and classroom learning. Experience gained from the established Industrial Attachment Programme, trade-specific workplace training is embedded in the curriculum with more coaching and student support activities such as problem solving skills, ethics and office etiquette are provided. Students are guided by academic supervisors and workplace mentors during their workplace training period. This approach provides students with the latest market-relevant training and equips them with the emerging skills that is essential in this digital age.



Catalysed by the accelerating technological advancement, e-commerce has grown rapidly in recent years. Live commerce, a new form of e-commerce marketing strategy that blends entertainment with instant purchasing, has transformed the retail industry and established itself as a major sales platform. Therefore, the capability to produce an entertaining and engaging live commerce event is considered to be one of the key skills to business students in the digital world.

To address the diverse needs of business-related students at VTC, the Discipline has applied Live Commerce in the curriculum of all Higher Diploma programmes. It includes the discipline core module “Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship”. A hierarchy of live commerce training which provides a framework for the development of teaching and learning materials in various forms includes lectures, hands-on workshops, Project-based Learning (PBL) and Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA) in collaboration with industry partners to equip students with practical skills and professional knowledge of live commerce has been formulated. The live commerce education platform will serve as a hub for knowledge exchange and collaboration between the BA Discipline and the e-commerce industry.


Design Thinking


Design Thinking is a human-centered problem solving approach. It focuses on people and leads to innovative solutions. Many organisations adopt this approach in their strategy building to cope with the perennial challenges in the 21st century.

Since the academic year of 2018/19, Business Discipline has applied Design Thinking in the curriculum of all Higher Diploma programmes. It includes the discipline core module “Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship”. Through teaching and learning, we aim at making academic learning and life skills relevant, and to maximise students' potential.


Core Module: Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship


Key elements of design thinking and entrepreneurship skills are introduced in this module with the mission of cultivating creative and innovative thinking in students. Various activities such as lectures, workshops, seminars, and industrial visits are the ways to get students to appreciate entrepreneurial spirits and to help students realise their own aspiration.



The world is evolving to a digital future and so is education, both in terms of pedagogical methodologies and instructional tools. Being a major disruptive force in constructing the new normal, digital technologies have radically and rapidly changed the way people live, learn and work.

Embracing the opportunities and challenges arising from the digital transformation, the Business Discipline enhances its pedagogy with digital elements. To equip students with skills that employers are looking for in the digital era, the programme curricula are enriched with application of innovative IT elements in business contexts. Various cutting-edge instructional tools are adopted in teaching delivery with the aim of creating an interactive and fun environment to enhance students' learning.





Providing an online platform for VTC students and graduates to publicize and sell their products.

Allowing VTC students from different programmes, in addition to BA Discipline students, to apply knowledge/skills in running a real online business.

Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration

Creating an additional authentic training environment to facilitate implementing of Workplace Learning & Assessment (WLA)


Performing corporate social responsibility by promoting products of Shine students and engaging them in different operation functions of the E-Shop.